Injection moulds for die casting of aluminium alloys, Zinc alloys, lead, bronze and brass

INNOMOLDS, recognized leader in design and manufacturing of die casting moulds

  • Mould size up to 1200 x 1000 and 12 tons weight
  • Deburring tools
  • Complex shapes
  • As cast with precise tolerances
  • Long life tools

INNOMOLDS, has as well :

  • Good experience in plastics injection moulds
  • Possible supply of moulds from reliable low cost countries partners with INNOVA warranty of good performance

Finishing, hardening and nitriding treatments

  • Machining (milling, turning, EDM) in our own shop floor
  • Heat treatments determined and optimized by our metallurgical engineer and made in our partners installations
  • All other finishing operations by reliable partners

In production

  • Setting of moulds and tools
  • On site assistance at production start
  • Technical advices and training
  • Maintenance

INNOMOLDS and injection moulds > experience, skills, and proven organization

  • Experienced, skilled, involved team
  • Up to date equipement,
  • All tools and moulds are designed by our R&D department, securing process control and confidentiality for our customers
  • ISO 9000 certification and lean manufacturing philosophy